Egypt Christians Copts

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Egyptian Christian Copts were object of renewed violence and persecutions in the last months following the crackdown on Muslim Brothers by the Egyptian Army.
Leaders of the brotherhood openly accused in multiple occasions Christians to be behind the ouster of President Morsi.
Following the violent dismantling of Rabaa Al Adawiya sit-in, that was set up by Muslim Brothers to ask the release of President Morsi , a wave of assaults hit churches and christians properties in all the country.
The revenge attacks took place mainly in areas where islamist groups are stronger and the presence of the army is lower as upper Egypt where churches, houses, shops, schools were attacked and destroyed.
A migration from these areas to the capital are always existed because of the hard conditions of life in the rural regions of the country, but today the climate of persecution and fear joined the economical crisis due to the prolonged state of uncertainty as motivation to leave the south of the country and move to a christian suburb of Cairo.
The 10 millions of Christian Copts constitute the oldest community of Egypt having their roots in the preislamic ancient Egypt preceding the arab invasion and one of the oldest christian one in the middle east.
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