La Frontera

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The people who live there call the tri-border area in the heart of amazon between Colombia, Brazil and Perù "La Frontera" . In the south are the indios territory that are restricted area, in the north-est the conflict area between FARC and paramilitary. This area, in the past rich field for seringueiros (rubber gatherer) and most recently narcos territory, don't keep trace of the wealth generated here but spent elsewhere. Amazon frontiers areas are notorious for their sparse population and limited state presence.In this area the access to health care, instruction, clean water are really difficult.The river is a big asset that permit to cruise, fish, have water but cause also disease and destruction in the rainy season. The population are constituted by indios Ticuna and Cablocos, people that come from the mix between indios and european people, more displaced people from Colombia on the run from war and migrants from Perù on the run from hunger. Fishing and manioca growing apart, which represent substance economy, the only ways to earn a living are a tiny tourism industry, government job or narcos. Poverty, violence and drug addiction are the main problems. The cocaine traffic pass trough this area towards Manaus and Sao Paulo. Borders are in name only : people and goods can move freely, but also drugs, weapons and killers.
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