Poor Libyans find shelter in rubble of Kaddafi base Bab Al Aziziya

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In the former Gaddafi stronghold , Bab Al Aziziya, one year after the rebels took the capital Tripoli, in the middle of the rubble and garbage poor libyans who cannot effort a rent, found a place to live cleaning and adapting rooms in order to create makeshift houses.

Bab al Aziziya,The Splendid Gate in arabic, is the name of the fortified citadel in center Tripoli where Gaddafi had his residence and headquarter .
There Gaddafi used to meet the heads of state in official visit.

In 1986 the US air force shell the compound trying to kill him , in the middle of the citadel there was a building damaged by the bombing kept in that conditions to represent the strength and the invulnerability of the brother leader, as he liked to be called. From this building he was used to address the crowd of his supporters and there he gave the famous speech on 20 february 2011 where he ask " who are you?" to the protesters who had took the streets asking for democratic reforms calling them "rats".

On 23 August 2011 the rebels attack the compound. After a fierce battle that last the whole day the rebels stormed inside the citadel that was the most important symbol of Gaddafi’s power .
In October of the same year the three fortified surrounding walls that where a powerful symbol of the strength of the regime were demolished and also the most symbolic buildings.

There is projects to clear the huge area and transform it in a public park but still poor Libyans live in the buildings that remain.
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