Sulcis Iglesiente - Italy's poorest province

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The province of Carbonia - Iglesias, also called Sulcis Iglesiente, is one of the poorest of Italy with a GPD per capita around 60 % of the European Union average. Since the the time of Roman Empire this area had been important for mining activities and during the 19th century, because of the coal mining expansion, became one of the most developed of the country. Nonetheless in the end of the 20th century, when the cost of extraction became not more sustainable in the global market, most part of the mines were closed and today the last one , the Carbosulcis of Nuraxi Figus, is closing too. Few industries that were present closed also in the last years and the agriculture sector is restricted to a family run business dimension. The tourism industry never started in this land, gorgeous despite centuries of intense mining activities had changed the landscape, dug mountains and filled valleys. The nightmare that is becoming reality is the emigration would remain the only option to making a life for the young generations in an province where the youth unemployment rate has reached the 55%.
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